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FREE Games 4 Kids is a preview of the Fox's Family fun series of 9 books! It has 18 beautiful, full color activity pages for the littles to try out. Great for long road trips or plane rides, our just for fun any time...if you enjoy this preview, please check the full series!

Creating the Fox's Family Fun series has been a labor of love, aiming to share the wonders of discovery, creativity, and the joy of learning. Each book reflects my belief that every child's learning journey should be filled with fun and shared family moments.

Thank you and I hope you truly enjoy these printables!

Best wishes,

Christopher Fox

How Printables Work

Purchase and Download: First, you select the printables that match the child's interest and educational needs. Once chosen, you download the files, which are in PDF format and optimized for printing.

Print: After downloading the file, you can print it out using a home printer or at a local print shop. Printables are designed to fit standard paper sizes, making them easy to print without needing to adjust the settings.

Play!: Once printed, kids can start using them right away. Depending on the activity, they might need pencils, crayons, markers, or other tools.

Printing from a PDF

Open the PDF: Use a PDF reader (like Adobe Reader, which is free) to open the file on your computer.

Printer Settings: Click on the "Print" icon. In the print settings window, select your printer. Make sure to choose the correct paper size (usually A4 or Letter) and set the print quality. For activities like coloring, you might want to use a higher quality setting for better color output.

Print Range: If you don't need to print every page, specify which pages you want to print in the 'Pages to Print' section.

Double-Sided Printing: If you want to save paper, select the double-sided printing option if your printer supports it. However, for activities like coloring, single-sided printing might be better to prevent bleed-through.

Print: Once you've adjusted your settings, click on the "Print" button to start printing.

Tips for Using Printables

Laminate them: For activities that can be reused, like checklists or practice worksheets, consider laminating them so they can be written on with dry-erase markers and wiped clean.

Organize them: Keep printed activities in folders or binders categorized by subject or type to easily find them when needed.

Combine Learning with Fun: Mix educational sheets with fun activities to keep kids engaged and looking forward to learning.

These printables are a versatile and valuable tool for children's education and entertainment, offering benefits that extend beyond mere fun. With the ease of printing them from a PDF, they are an accessible resource for parents and educators alike.

You will get a PDF (19MB) file